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"Zhanke" Zhichuang ignited strategic strong school engine
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  Years across the mountains and rivers, leaving a string song。
  Twenty years ago, a group of wise people gathered together to establish Cunjin College of Guangdong Ocean University with the ambition of "education power"。That year, our school only more than 200 students, the campus area of more than 120 acres, opened 2 departments and 3 majors。
  Ten years ago, our school has developed into a 10,000-scale institution of higher learning, and won the Guangdong Provincial private Education Outstanding Contribution Award, in the limited private resources, to continue the excellent learning vein。

In 2016, Cunjin College of Guangdong Ocean University started the construction of Xinhu campus
  At present, Cunjin College of Guangdong Ocean University has become a magnificent institution with 20,000 students, and with the construction of Xinhu campus as a new starting point, it has formulated a 10-year long-term plan for the development of the confortuitum。A high-tech, intelligent innovation and creation as a means of talent training innovation fire, quietly lit the strategic strong school engine...
"A New Generation of smart Learning Workshops"
We will promote a new model for cultivating outstanding application-oriented personnel
  In the era of scientific and technological innovation, it is no longer possible to cultivate outstanding applied engineering talents by the traditional classroom teaching。How to break through the bottleneck, keep the new?Deepening the digital and intelligent integration of production and education is the final plan of our school after repeated research。Join hands with strength ally Beijing Sheng Economic World Information Technology Co., LTD., through the resources and cooperation relations of Beijing high-tech enterprises, and join hands with world-class enterprises, to open up a new world of science and technology education for our school - "a new generation of smart learning workshop"。

The teacher directed the students to carry out the experiment
  This is a profound reform of engineering education, which completely subverts the traditional teaching mode。In the black technology full screen of the "new generation of smart learning workshop",Not only the learning content is cutting-edge technology,For example, "high-end CNC machine tools and robots", "new energy vehicles and intelligent connected automobile industry chain" and so on,Even the way of learning is new: the Smart Learning Workshop has developed a number of digital courses,Many of them use mobile learning, virtual simulation and VR, which are popular with young people.Games and other cutting-edge technology to develop。
  By leveraging the resources and partnerships of high-tech enterprises and joining hands with world-class enterprises, it is another strong school weapon of the "new generation of smart learning workshops"。The partners are some of the world's most famous companies: for example, ABB, the world's leading robot manufacturer, has been around for more than 40 years,With the largest variety and most comprehensive robot products, technologies and services available today;Another example is Japan FANUC Company,It is the most powerful enterprise in CNC system research in the world today,;Germany Phoenix Electric Group, the world's leading professional manufacturer of electric connections;Siemens, a world-renowned company for automation, industrial control and drive technology;There is also the Omron Group, which holds the world's leading sensing and control core technology。  
  By entering the engineering case base of these world-class enterprises, students of our school can establish the knowledge map and skill map of the course on the height of international certification standards。
Join hands with national science and technology enterprises to build incubation platform
Our school has entered a new milestone of science and technology education
  In the era of scientific and technological innovation, the traditional classroom teaching can no longer satisfy the strategic plan of our school。"Among China's top private universities" why to plan?Science and technology education has become our school strong plan。Together with the national scientific and technological innovation enterprise Guangzhou Yueembedded Communication Technology Co., LTD., to build an incubation platform "mass creation space" came into being。
  At the end of 2018, the mass maker space, which took more than a year to build, was officially put into use。

The creation space of our school was established
  Based on the incubation platform of the mass Maker Space, our school actively plans to participate in the "China Robotics Discipline Competition", promote the teaching and research and development of core technologies such as integrated circuits, and further use cutting-edge IT technology to create "smart education", deeply integrate information and practical teaching, and create an inquiry-based learning environment for students。2019年9月,At the beginning of school,The College of Intelligent Manufacturing in our school has achieved great success,The students of the school made great achievements in the competition of masters like forest,Won two awards: August 7-10,In the Guangdong division of the National College Students Electronic Design Competition, which is known as the "Oscar" of college students electronic design,Intelligent Manufacturing College students in 73 universities, 876 teams break out,Won the first prize of the National College Students Electronic Design Competition in Guangdong Province;September 3rd,China Robot Competition official website announced the results,The four teams sent by the Intelligent Manufacturing Institute all won the national first prize。

Students at the scene of China Robot Competition

Student's winning works in China robot competition
Docking global science and technology highland layout inch Jin wisdom creation market
Foshan Global Innovation Technology Application Transformation Center (Zhanjiang Branch Center) settled in our school
  In March 2018, the Global Innovation Technology Application Transformation Center (Zhanjiang Branch Center) settled in our school。This is an important starting point for our university to build a high-level applied university, and it is also a new measure for Zhanjiang City to implement innovation-driven, which will accelerate the application and transformation of global new technologies in Zhanjiang。

Signing site
  It is reported that Foshan Global Innovation Technology application transformation Center has realized the construction of 12 foreign branch centers, 5 domestic branch centers and 3 provincial branch centers, supporting the global technology supply side supply layout of the center, of which Zhanjiang branch center settled in our school。The center builds science and technology research and development, technology transfer achievements transformation, personnel training, science and technology services and other four main functions, Zhanjiang branch center is the city's first innovative application technology, achievement transfer, transformation platform。 Through the integration of domestic and foreign technology transfer elements, gather the upstream and downstream links of global technology transfer, form a technology, service and industrial resources cluster area, and build an international technology transfer with enterprises as the main market, open sharing, mechanism innovation and distinctive characteristics。
  The Global Innovation and Technology Application transformation Center will focus on key development areas such as intelligent manufacturing and high-end electronic information, and accelerate the application and transformation of global new technologies in Zhanjiang。With the model of "university + high-end research institute + enterprise" to build a platform, our school can use the global innovation technology application and transformation center to bring the scientific and technological achievements of our teachers and students to the market, and create a science and technology brand of "Cun Jin patent" and "Cun Jin invention"。
Approved by the Ministry of Education!
      The national education project opens up the territory of "technology + tradition" curriculum
  "To re-create traditional curriculum by high-tech means" is an academic innovation that embodies the wisdom of our experts and scholars, and has won the approval of the Ministry of Education of China。
  近日,The Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education issued the "Letter on Announcing the Project List of the first batch of Industry-University Collaborative Education Projects supported by enterprises in 2018" (Letter of the Department of Higher Education (2018) No. 47),我校单昭祥教授主持的《正规买球app排行十佳平台》、田盼雨老师主持的《买球app排行十佳平台》以及蓝儒胜老师主持的《虚拟仿真在< 土木工程施工技术与组织>课程体系构建研究》三个项目获立项支持。

Financial shared lab
  Use cutting-edge IT technology and virtual simulation technology to deeply integrate international cutting-edge technology with practical teaching, optimize students' inquiry-based learning environment, and create a "smart education" with the characteristics of sea and gold.。
  In the last few years,Our school has made use of IT technology, big data, virtual simulation and other cutting-edge technologies,Change the past single "students learn, teachers teach" traditional scene,And practical training courses as the core,Through learning, practice, competition, creation and other traditional courses combined with high-tech methods,We have made great achievements in personnel training。

Students frequently win awards
Ali e-commerce with international academic Allies
Beibu Gulf think tanks expand the scope of academic application cooperation
  In 2017, with the upgrading of the "Beibu Gulf City Cluster" into a national strategy, with the support of Zhanjiang Municipal Committee and Government, our university established the "Beibu Gulf Economic Research Center" as the only institution of higher learning among the member units of the Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation Organization.。
  The center was established for three years,Take advantage of strong cross-border, multinational academic resources,Led by the academic team composed of special talents introduced by our school, Associate Professor He Weimin and other experts,Together with Ali e-commerce, with international academic Allies,Expand cooperation in academic application,In order to enhance the academic influence of Haida Cunjin College at home and abroad,For our school to achieve the long-term goal of "among the top private universities in China" into a strong force。
The first International Seminar on Beibu Gulf Regional Economy was held in our college
  In March 2018, the first International Seminar on Beibu Gulf Regional Economy was grandly opened at Xinhu Campus of our University。Well-known scholars from overseas universities such as Tohoku University, which is ranked among the top 50 in the world, and experts from the Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation Organization gathered together to discuss the current situation and strategy of regional economic development in the Beibu Gulf。Dr. Zhang Li, an expert of our university, has won praise from experts and scholars at home and abroad as well as leaders of relevant departments of the municipal government for his academic research on "Building a new cooperation mechanism between the governments of urban agglomerations through big data to strengthen the capacity of data spatial governance to promote government data governance and thus re-create public affairs processes"。
  In December 2018, the e-commerce lecture hall sponsored by Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Zhanjiang Cross-border E-commerce Industry Association was held in our school。At the meeting, the Beibu Gulf Economic Research Center of our university joined hands with the cross-border e-commerce Alibaba to form a consensus on the "scientific and technological change gives birth to the precise profit model of foreign trade" with vivid business data and cases, and explore how foreign trade enterprises in Zhanjiang City achieve enterprise development and transformation in the era of artificial intelligence and big data。
  With 20 years of school accumulation, and then promise a bright future。Strategic blueprint in the grasp of the strong school on the road, the period of the comer's fast horse, and then ten years of time as a note, gather inch gold wisdom, write the next more brilliant inch gold story。

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