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Accompanied by peers, protect the heart of the long voyage - Accounting school to carry out dormitory leaders interpersonal skills improvement training
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In order to build a warm and harmonious dormitory atmosphere, help students better through the university adaptation period, more smoothly into the university life, the School of Accounting "warm heart" psychological counseling center held a freshman class dormitory leader training in Zhixing Building 151 on October 17。The guest speaker of this training is Mr. Chen Xiangxin, Mental Health Counseling Center of Student Affairs Office。 

This training from the "what is the dormitory", "the role of the dormitory leader", "how to protect the heart to sail" three aspects of content。Mr. Chen pointed out that college dormitory, as the place where college students live the most in daily life, is their second home and an important space for their psychological growth, and strengthening the study of interpersonal skills of dormitory leaders can better cope with various psychological challenges that roommates may face and meet the needs of recognition and adaptation。In quick succession,The teacher used a "Sichuan University" student roommate relationship interview video to tell the students behind the right attitude towards roommates in the dormitory,Guide the hostel master to use this as a mirror,Learn good practices from the videos and try them out,Drive roommates to make progress together,And how to communicate effectively "easily" through small games,Putting the captains involved in the situation,Learn that good communication is a weapon to prevent conflict,It's a recipe for conflict resolution。 

This dormitory head psychological training meeting aims to strengthen the five-level defense mechanism of "school - college - counselor - class - dormitory" and build a good dormitory environment。

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