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Pay close attention to the construction of study style and promote the development of the college -- The School of Economics and Finance carries out the classroom inspection activities of student work cadres
Author: Huang Yangyang Source: School of Economics and Finance         Distribute: institute of economic and financial first trial: WeiXueTing review: still young final liang: wen-ling Yang release date: 2023-10-16 reading:

In order to implement the "Regulations on the Classroom Management of Student Cadres' Meeting in Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology", further implement the fundamental task of cultivating virtues, promote the construction of excellent learning style, and create a realistic and eager classroom atmosphere, the School of Economics and Finance of our university carried out a routine classroom inspection of student cadres on the morning of October 16。The inspection was led by Deng Xiaokai, secretary of the Party Committee of the College, and Mr. Yan Yu LAN, director of the Student Affairs Office and secretary of the sub-Youth League Committee, all counselors and some class teachers participated。

In the process of visiting the classroom, the class directors and counselors of each class checked the students' attendance and learning atmosphere, and closely understood the students' classroom status and teachers' classroom management。During the visit, it was found that the class of the college was in good order, the teachers gave lectures and the interaction between teachers and students was good, which reflected the positive and enterprising spirit of the college students。

After the visit, Secretary Deng Xiaokai summarized the in-depth understanding of the class, sorted out and summarized the questions raised by the teachers and the feedback of the students, and put forward sincere opinions and valuable suggestions。

Through this in-depth classroom inspection, the school leaders have a more comprehensive understanding of the teaching situation of each major grade. In the future, the School of Economics and Finance will continue to carry out solid teaching routine management work, do "detailed" and "practical", concentrate on improving the quality of the classroom, and forge ahead with a new teaching chapter。

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