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The wind of Muli study becomes the model of everyone -- The College of Culture and Media held the opening ceremony and the first lesson of the training course on the improvement of students' ceremonial literacy
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In order to further strengthen the comprehensive etiquette quality of the backbone of students and promote the all-round development of individuals, the College of Culture and Media held the opening ceremony and the first lesson of the training course on the improvement of the backbone etiquette literacy of students in the evening of October 12, 2023 in the Zhixing Building 448。

Jiang Chunyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of College of Culture and Media, Dou Haijing, chairman of Guangdong Ronghe Enterprise Consulting Co., LTD., Xu Xiaolin, Teacher of Lingnan Normal University Civil Aviation Vocational Education Program, Dou Cuixiang, teacher of Etiquette and Body, Huang Huaxiao, special teacher of Civil Aviation vocational Education of Lingnan Normal University, Wang Jiawei, counselor of College of Culture and Media and teacher in charge of Etiquette and Learning Literacy Training Class, all the students of the College participated in this bookA training course,Ms. Xu Xiaolin is the lecturer。

The first agenda of the meeting was addressed by Jiang Chunyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Culture and Media。First of all, Secretary Jiang Chunyan expressed a warm welcome to the guests of this training meeting, thanked several teachers for coming to our school to guide and teach, and affirmed the backbone of students who participated in the training course to improve their Li literacy, and praised everyone's initiative to learn Li and strive for progress。It is also hoped that the backbone students will adhere to learning as the basis, strengthen the theoretical armed, listen carefully and consult humbly in the training meeting, and internalize the study of etiquette in the heart and externalize it in the practice。

On the second agenda of the meeting, Ms. Xu Xiaolin gave a lecture on the Importance of Learning Etiquette。In the first session, Teacher Xu Xiaolin led everyone into the world of etiquette and understood the mystery and essence of etiquette through tearing paper and jigsaw puzzle games in an interactive way。At the end of the game, I led the cadres to review the whole process of the game, from the distribution of the game role, the execution of the game role, the completion of the game, and the communication of the game, and guided the cadres to think about the gains and losses of the whole game。

The second session, discuss what is "courtesy"。Teacher Xu Xiaolin pointed out that the scope of etiquette is not only language, behavior, body, etc., the core of etiquette is the role, how to grasp the role, clear positioning is the true meaning of understanding etiquette。"The law of practicing rites, the book of reading rites, and those who practice rites think of themselves with rites.。Through games, deep thinking, the application of etiquette in life, in the face of different interpersonal relationships, in different roles, to treat people with courtesy, with etiquette to cultivate themselves ", finally teacher Xu Xiaolin encouraged the backbone of students to demonstrate the wind of etiquette with practical actions。

In the course of teaching, the backbone of students actively interact with each other, enthusiasm is high, the on-site learning atmosphere is strong, full of laughter and laughter, everyone tastes the true meaning of etiquette in the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and masters the importance of learning etiquette in the happy interaction。

The opening ceremony of the training course and the first lesson of the training on the improvement of student cadres' etiquette and learning quality were carried out smoothly,It has enhanced the students' understanding of etiquette culture,Promote the backbone of students to have a deeper understanding of how to build a good interpersonal relationship and improve the moral literacy,It is of great significance to further strengthen the construction of students' backbone team in the College of Culture and Media。

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