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Dare to venture and create professional value in practice -- the School of Economics and Finance went to Zhanjiang Xingyang Industrial Co., Ltd. to carry out field research
Author: Wu Jianhong Source: School of Economics and Finance         Distribute: institute of economic and financial first trial: WeiXueTing review: still young final liang: wen-ling Yang release date: 2023-10-12 reading:

In order to promote the training of applied innovative and entrepreneurial talents in our school, strengthen the combination of students' theory and practice, and base on the actual employment needs of students, Xie Kengzheng, director of the International Business Department of the School of Economics and Finance, organized 32 students to go to Zhanjiang Xingyang Industrial Co., Ltd. for field research on October 11。

This survey aims to let students understand the company's business process, including product development, material selection, quality inspection, packaging, sales and other processes, visit the company's product exhibition hall, in-depth understanding of the company's corporate culture and product culture, and further pay attention to professional development trends and characteristics。

Huang Haiping, a 2020 International Business student, shared: "Zhanjiang Xingyang Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that is at the forefront of the development trend of global international trade,This visit let me personally feel the operation mode and working environment of international trade enterprises,Understand the talent needs and requirements of the enterprise,This makes me more clear about the direction of future efforts,At the same time, it also makes me cherish the learning opportunities in school more。”

Xie Keng Zheng said that after the investigation, the students will conduct video shooting and content production for cross-border e-commerce platform products according to the business needs of enterprises, and carry out professional content training on campus according to the actual needs of enterprises, enterprises will also assess the students' works, and provide relevant internship opportunities and jobs in the future。

This research is a vivid witness of our school to promote the new school-enterprise cooperation talent training experiment project,In the future, the School of Economics and Finance will continue to focus on the talent needs of enterprises,In the professional courses and practical training practice teaching constantly explore innovative and entrepreneurial talent training programs,More off-campus cooperative enterprises will also be opened up,Further explore more diversified models of school-enterprise cooperation,Strive to achieve "enterprises to provide platforms for students,Students create value for the enterprise "win-win goal。

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