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The School of Accounting successfully carried out teachers' teaching and research activities
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In order to further improve the quality of classroom teaching and improve the standardization of archiving of teaching materials,Tuesday afternoon, October 10th,Under the chairmanship of Director Yan Jiuxin,All the teachers of the auditing department of the School of Accounting gathered in Room 544 of the Erudite Building,Has carried out teaching and research activities with the theme of "How to make a good class and how to file teaching materials"。

At the beginning of the meeting, Director Yan, starting from the teaching syllabus, briefly explained the content of teaching materials and the close relationship and influence between each other, and stressed that complete and standardized teaching materials are related to the fluency of teaching process, the rigor of teaching organization, the accuracy of knowledge transmission and the perfection of teaching art display。

Then, Director Yan shared how she used teaching method, teaching method, video introduction method, case teaching method, situational teaching method, classroom discussion method, thematic debate method, interactive teaching method and other teaching methods in the course of "Basic Accounting", carefully designed teaching activities, and organically integrated professional knowledge and ideological and political points into the classroom。Not only that, in teaching, Director Yan gave full play to the advantages of intelligent tool teaching, created a lively learning atmosphere, made the learning process become pleasant, and improved the teaching effect to the greatest extent。

Finally, Director Yan interpreted the relevant teacher competition documents to encourage everyone to actively participate in the competition and promote teaching through competition。Director Yan proposed that teaching competition is an important platform for college teachers to improve their teaching ability,It can not only improve the artistry of teachers' teaching language, increase the diversification of teaching modes, and realize the cross-disciplinary knowledge,It can also promote the communication between teachers,We can learn from each other better,Learn from each other,And then improve the teaching ability,Cultivate classroom control ability。

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