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The College of Music and Dance successfully held the 7th College Student Art Performance Audition in Guangdong Province
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In order to fully prepare for the 7th Guangdong College Students Art Performance, recently, the School of Music and Dance held a school selection contest in the Concert Hall of Xinhu Campus. The school's President Fan Mengmeng, Secretary Lin Rongshi and related teachers served as the judges of this competition。

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the National College Student Art Exhibition is currently the highest, largest and most influential college student art competition in the country。With the theme of "Cultivating national feelings and cultivating enterprising character", the 7th college Student Art Performance activity in Guangdong Province includes four categories: art performance, student art practice workshop, art works and outstanding cases of reform and innovation of aesthetic education in colleges and universities. The outstanding works of the provincial competition will be submitted to the national exhibition。

The college attaches great importance to this competition, carefully planned and organized the campus selection competition, aiming to select and polish the excellent art works with thought, height and impact。It is reported that a total of 29 programs participated in the school competition, including dance, instrumental music, chorus, recitation and so on。By selection,"Salt" by Dance group,Instrumental group "Red Youth", "Youth Dance", "Water Fountain","Yukako Kyushu Spring" and "Looking for a Star" by the chorus.,A total of 7 programs of the recitation group's "Peaceful Sky" were successfully shortlisted,后期,The above winning works will be further polished,Strive to bring out the best results to participate in the provincial evaluation exhibition,Sprint for awards。

All the time,The college focuses on the enhancement of professional connotation construction,Deepen the reform of practical teaching,Focus on "the combination of stage and classroom, classroom teaching and artistic practice",Consolidate "practice first.,Use competition to promote teaching,The talent training mode of "promoting learning through competition",Make full use of discipline competition to mobilize students' learning enthusiasm effectively,Combine the "small class" of art practice with the "big stage" of student growth,Guide students to think and create。


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