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Alumni exhibition style, entrepreneurship win the future
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On the evening of September 25, the Alumni Work Office held the second session of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alumni Forum in the Academic Lecture Hall 123 of Xinhu Campus of our university. More than 200 students participated in the forum。

Zou Shouli, an alumnus from the class of 2016 majoring in landscape architecture, first exchanged experiences from his own postgraduate entrance examination and entrepreneurial process, the establishment of alumni enterprises and business content of enterprises, as well as the sharing of entrepreneurial experience,At the same time, it shows the alumni to the students. So far, the company has transported thousands of company personnel for the public institutions,While creating business value,We also actively fulfill our social responsibilities,Repeated visits to poverty-stricken areas to carry out poverty alleviation activities。In recent years, the alumni enterprise has maintained exchanges and cooperation with the Alma mater, carried out various public welfare activities, so as to care about the Alma mater and give back to the Alma mater。

Face-to-face meeting between alumni and students

In the face-to-face meeting, the student representatives discussed and communicated with Zou alumni in the form of discussion。Zou alumni face the students' questions one by one detailed answer。Zou alumni proposed the following key elements for entrepreneurs: mindset, learning ability, management skills and finding the right track for you。First, he points to the importance of mindset。Entrepreneurial success is accidental, and failure is inevitable, so a good attitude is essential to deal with failure;Next, he believes in having the ability to input all kinds of information。He pointed out that the current society has an increasing demand for technical talents, so it is necessary to master more technologies and skills。At the same time, we must maintain the ability to constantly learn new technologies;Then he stressed the need to manage humanity。A successful business needs to manage interpersonal relationships and conflicts of interest。Finally, choose the track that suits you。Everyone has different personalities, conditions, and skills, so you need to find the best business direction for you。At the same time, Zou alumni also stressed that entrepreneurship is not an overnight success, and both success and failure need to be treated rationally。He warned people not to look only at the success side and ignore the failure side。Call on everyone to be rational in the face of entrepreneurship, and work hard for their dreams。Zou alumni's sharing struck a chord with students, who said they would keep the advice in mind and work hard on their own entrepreneurial paths。

Attached Forum Speaker Alumni and alumni business information:

Zou Shouli: The 2016 graduate of our school majoring in landscape architecture, the current head of Huizhou Liaoyuan Landing Technology Co., LTD。Graduate student, Jinan University;Co-founder of Guangdong Liaoyuan Education;Vice President of Operations;Huizhou Huicheng District Youth Chamber of Commerce member。

Alumni Business:

Guangdong Liaoyuan Education, "Liaoyuan" derived its name from "A spark can start a prairie fire"。Founded in 2017, Guangdong Province's new civil service examination training institutions, the main business for civil service examination, public institution examination training。"Liaoyuan landing" is a star brand operated by Guangdong Liaoyuan Education。

The company's goal is to take Huizhou City of Guangdong Province as its base, and constantly strive to become a high-quality public examination training institution radiating Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces。By providing excellent personalized services for examinees, we can help more students achieve self-breakthrough and life leap-forward in their studies and careers。

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