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Leading by professional knowledge and going to a better future together -- the 2023 Freshman Professional Sharing Meeting of the School of Management was successfully held
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To help new students understand professional knowledge and its development prospects,Arouse the enthusiasm of new students to learn professional knowledge,近日,The School of Management held six professional sharing sessions in the Erudite Building, namely, business administration, marketing, big data application and management, tourism management, hotel management and public utility management,It aims to improve the cognition level of 2023 freshmen on their major,Stimulate learning enthusiasm,So as to further create a good learning atmosphere。

The new students' professional introduction meeting was introduced by Lin Yueqi, Xu Jianwei, Liang Yumei and Xiao Laisheng respectively. The introduction content mainly included three aspects: professional introduction, study suggestions and employment prospects。In addition, for non-majors, we also invited outstanding senior teachers and sisters to introduce the learning methods, professional competitions and professional internships of their respective majors, and answer questions about professional learning put forward by freshmen。In the whole course of the professional introduction, the freshmen listened carefully, actively asked relevant questions, and at the same time told their own confusion about professional learning and need help。The professional teachers and senior brothers and sisters also made professional answers for the freshmen, improving the freshmen's professional cognition and answering their doubts。

By holding this professional introduction meeting, the School of Management has strengthened the freshmen's awareness of their own majors, initially understood the development prospects of professional employment, further clarified their future goals, planned their own life path, and welcomed the journey of university life with a positive attitude。


Lin Yueqi teacher opening


Liang Yumei teacher professional introduction scene


Brother Li Quan shared his school experience


The freshmen listened attentively to the lecture

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