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The College of Culture and Media held expert lecture-style teaching and research activities
Author: Li Guilong Source: College of Culture and Media         Distribute: culture media at first trial: WeiXueTing review: still young final liang: wen-ling Yang release time: the 2023-09-21 reading:

On the afternoon of September 19, the College of Culture and Media held an expert lecture-style teaching and research activity, and Professor Liu Haitao, host of the national first-class course, gave a lecture。Professors Luo Zhengjun, Guan Huiguo, Zhao Yuping, Wu Xiaotang, Yang Wenling, Zeng Kuifen, Wu Jie, Lin Donghong and other young teachers participated in the discussion。The event was hosted by Mr. Li Guilong, director of the Department of Chinese Language International Education。

Professor Liu Haitao spoke enthusiastically

Liu Haitao takes the teaching and curriculum construction of "College writing" as the topic, and expounds the standardization construction and innovation of "College writing" course, AI integration and teaching reform project, writing teaching and innovation and entrepreneurship project, achievement condensation and teaching achievement award application,It is emphasized that the standardized construction of the "college writing" course should meet the requirements of the evaluation of the undergraduate qualification of the standard school,Focus on the practical frontier of integrating AI technology into writing teaching,Condense the strength of the Chinese writing team,Promote curriculum construction, teaching reform and project application of teachers' teams,Promote the integration of teachers, students and workers, and students,Let the writing teaching into the students' innovation and entrepreneurship projects, Internet +, challenge cup, three trips to the countryside,Combine curriculum teaching and curriculum construction with specialized innovation and integration, innovation and entrepreneurship,Accumulated achievements in teaching and research projects, innovation and entrepreneurship projects and popularization and application,Finally impact teaching achievement award。

Each teacher held a discussion

Li Guilong said that Professor Liu Haitao put forward macro guidance and some specific implementation measures for the course construction, teaching reform and project application of writing courses。All teachers conducted discussions on curriculum teaching, specialized innovation and integration, innovation and entrepreneurship, teacher project application, student project application, etc。Guan Huiguo, Luo Zhengjun, Yang Wenling, Wu Xiaotang, Zeng Kuifen, Wu Jie, Zhao Yuping, etc., have expressed opinions and further detailed the implementation measures, such as the formation of student teams, the exploration of online and offline mixed teaching mode, the application of AI, the priority promotion of short story writing and silver hair writing, and the division of labor among team members。

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