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Jiang Chunyan, Party secretary of the College of Culture and Media, was invited to give a special lecture
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近日,By the Guangdong Primary and Secondary School Teacher Development Center of Lingnan Normal University, the 2023 rotation training of primary and secondary school teachers in the East and Northwest of Guangdong Province (Zhanmao and Zhanmao) - Education Management personnel (in charge of moral education vice President or Director) demonstration training course was held in Lingnan Normal College,Jiang Chunyan, Party Secretary of the College of Culture and Media, was invited to give a lecture,A total of 50 vice principals and moral education directors from primary and secondary schools in Zhanjiang and Maoming participated in the training。

"Teacher etiquette and family culture" special lecture site

With the theme of Teacher Etiquette and Family Culture, Secretary Jiang Chunyan elaborated on two aspects: etiquette cognition and family culture cognition, and combined with a large number of cases to explain。She pointed out that etiquette is the external expression of personal civilization, and teachers are the messengers of inheriting civilization. Standardized teacher etiquette not only makes teacher ethics become an important educational force, but also one of the important ways to realize teacher ethics. As a moral educator, we should educate ourselves and others with moral education。She stressed that what kind of people to train students, what kind of environment should be created for students。Family culture is the concept of family education, and the essence of family education is the awareness and growth of parents。

Interactive session of lecture

This lecture is simple, thorough, rich in examples, logical, humorous and close to life, so that the teachers present are deeply inspired and benefited a lot。Teachers have said that they should apply their knowledge to practical teaching and management, and combine with family culture to empower moral education。

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