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The School of Accounting carries out teacher training of big data auditing course
Author: Wang Jun Source: Accounting College         Distribute: accounting institute first trial: WeiXueTing review: still young final liang: wen-ling Yang release date: 2023-09-15 reading:

In order to better improve teachers' ability to operate and apply the big data audit course platform and master the skills of big data audit, the School of Accounting organized on-site training of big data audit course in Lab 110 of Bosi Building on September 14 and 15。The training was delivered by Ms. Zhang Mingyue from Xindao Technology Company。

First day of training,Mr. Zhang introduced the platform operation of the big data audit course,It explains in detail how to use big data technology to collect, store, analyze and report audit data,The basic application of Python and SQL language in big data audit is explained,And through the actual operation demonstration,The training made the teachers fully understand the application of big data audit platform;At the same time, python basic statements, RPA web page automation, EXCEL automation and other practical cases are also arranged for practical operation and discussion,To enable teachers to better understand and master the application of big data audit technology。

On the second day of the training, Teacher Zhang introduced how to use big data technology to conduct preliminary business activities, risk assessment, risk response and other audit contents through specific cases and practical operations, and explained in detail all aspects of the audit business operation process, including audit plan, on-site audit and audit report preparation。Through on-site observation and practical operation, the teachers had an in-depth understanding of the application of big data audit technology in public opinion analysis, analysis procedures, accounts receivable substantive procedures and other audit links。Finally, we had a communication on the class setting of the course platform, the choice of teaching modules, and whether teachers can set customized courses of our school on the platform。

This training content is rich, strong application, is conducive to teachers to speak wellBig Data Auditing。

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