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Set sail and row hard - "The First lesson of Ideological Politics" for 2023 freshmen of the School of Economics and Finance is on fire
Author: WU Jianhong, Yan Xuan Source: School of Economics and Finance         Distribute: institute of economic and financial first trial: WeiXueTing review: still young final liang: wen-ling Yang release date: 2023-09-12 reading:

On the morning of September 12, the "The First Lesson of Ideological Politics" and meeting of 2023 freshmen of the School of Economics and Finance of our university started in the lecture hall of the Erudite Building。The course was delivered by Zhang Li, Dean of the School of Economics and Finance, Deng Xiaokai, Secretary of the Party Committee, Xie Pengcheng, a 2020 e-commerce student, and presided over by the director of the School's student Affairs Office and secretary of the Youth League Committee。


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Dean Li's lecture

Zhang Li, dean of the School of Economics and Finance, based on "ideals, goals and beliefs", led the students into the ideological and political class from the perspective of economics。He emphasized that goals have a great guiding effect on life,Create your own "growth acceleration curve" through clear and reasonable planning,In the process of learning to choose a good reference book, learn to find a framework, dare to ask,Cultivate good study and living habits,Seize every minute of college,Strive for the ideal in your heart。

Deng Xiaokai, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Economics and Finance, focused on the career planning of the students and hoped that the students would realize the difference between higher education and basic education as soon as possible, not only to maintain the original learning habits, but also to play in the "learning", play "real skills" and "real innovation".。At the same time, we must have a clear understanding that we should not blindly follow the "employment tide" in career choice, but can combine our own characteristics with social needs, be down-to-earth, and aim high。


Secretary Deng Xiaokai gave a lecture

Xie Pengcheng, a 2020 e-commerce student, dissected his growth path to his classmates,From the confusion and frustration of entering school,To follow the instructor into the e-commerce intensive class,Founded his first startup company "Morita",And then won the second prize of the "Three Creation Competition" national competition, and the "Big Creation" national project,There have been numerous setbacks and lows,But as long as the conviction of the purpose does not waver,The pace of chasing dreams does not stop,It's gonna be a long night,Meet your own light。


Xie Pengcheng shared his story of growing up

"After listening to these three ideological and political courses full of 'classics', I have further cognition and understanding of my profession, and I also have greater confidence in future employment and development.。In the next four years, in addition to consolidating their own professional skills, but also to continue to broaden their horizons, boldly out of the campus, into major enterprises, into social practice。"2023 e-commerce freshman Feng Shiqi shared。


Yan Yulan, director of the Student Affairs Office and secretary of the Sub-Youth League Committee of the School of Economics and Finance, said: "Ideological and political quality plays an important role in the political guidance and value orientation of college students' growth, so we carefully prepare the" Ideological and political first lesson "for grade 23 freshmen to help students buckle the first button of life。Finally, I hope that the freshmen can firmly hold their ideals, stick to their original mission, anchor their life goals, and set sail to their own sea of stars with the School of Economics and Finance as the starting point。”

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