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The College of Intelligent Manufacturing organized a campus visit for freshmen of class 2023
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On September 10, the College of Intelligent Manufacturing planned a campus tour for 2023 freshmen, in which counselors and class teacher assistants acted as "guides" to lead freshmen to visit the campus。

"In front of the library, you can use no class time to enter the library to read, self-study", "here is the Zhiyuan building, our practical training courses are here" "Here is the metalworking skills training center, the next semester of the first year will have courses here", "guides" to each place, give a detailed introduction to the new students。

The freshmen visited the metalworking skills Training Center, numerical control technology training room, Internet of Things innovation Lab, cloud computing lab, industrial robot comprehensive lab, and electrical automation Lab under the instruction of the experimenters and teachers,Through the introduction and practical experience of teachers and class assistants,Let the students experience it,Close contact with practical training teaching equipment。


The students visited the metalworking skills Training Center


The students visited the industrial robot comprehensive laboratory

During the visit, the freshmen raised their professional doubts, and the teachers listened attentively and answered them patiently。This campus visit not only allows freshmen to further understand their majors, narrow the distance between teachers and students, but also helps freshmen to have a clearer cognition and plan for the future study direction, and at the same time allows freshmen to integrate into the university study and life more quickly。

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