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Cinda Securities Zhanjiang Investor Education base book donation theme education activities successfully concluded
Author: WU Jianhong, Zhu Jiahui Source: School of Economics and Finance         Distribute: institute of economic and financial first trial: WeiXueTing review: still young final liang: wen-ling Yang release date: 2023-09-26 reading:

In order to create a booklike campus atmosphere, cultivate students' good reading habits, and broaden students' horizons, on the morning of the 26th, our school held a book donation theme education activity of Cinda Securities Zhanjiang Investor Education Base in the library to further promote the construction of our school's integrated comprehensive education service education base。

Principal of Cinda Securities Brokerage Business Zhou Zhiyuan, General manager Li Tao and his team;Qi Jizhong, Vice President of our University, Zhang Li, Dean of the School of Economics and Finance, Deng Xiaokai, Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhang Xiaoyong, Vice president of our school and other relevant teachers attended the event。

Before the activity began, the leaders visited the Xinda Securities Zhanjiang Investor Education Base, bank simulation training room, securities simulation laboratory, and anti-money laundering knowledge learning base of the School of Economics and Finance。Li Tao, executive general manager of the brokerage Division of Cinda Securities, introduced Cinda Securities in detail to the students and expressed his expectations for the students, hoping that they could get out of the classroom and accumulate more practical experience。

At the book donation ceremony,Xinda securities brokerage division head Zhou Zhiyuan said,Books are the carriers of human wisdom,This book donation is of great significance,Small book corners are limited in number,However, it will be a witness for Cinda Securities and Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology to jointly explore financial teaching,To help students become ideal, capable, responsible and practical financial talents in the future。


Vice President Qi Jizhong expressed his gratitude to Cinda Securities for its strong support to the educational cause of our school,He points out,Cinda Securities Investor Education Base is the only investor education base set up by universities in Guangdong Province,This activity not only promoted the construction of the scholarly campus,It also deepened the cooperation between our school and Cinda Securities,To cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial students for our school,The implementation of quality education provides a broad platform。



After the ceremony, the two sides held a symposium on the high-quality development of Zhanjiang Investor Education Base in Zhixing Building 262。Deng Xiaokai, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Economics and Finance, welcomed the arrival of the leaders of Cinda Securities, stressing that the school attaches great importance to this cooperation and exchange, and hopes that through the symposium, we can pool our wisdom, fully integrate the resources of all parties, and clarify the direction and project of cooperation in the later stage。

President Li said that the establishment of the investor education base can combine social practice with teaching theory, so that Cinda Securities can be publicized and promoted on campus, and this activity is a new opportunity for Cinda Securities and Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology to cooperate deeply and create a better future。Zhou Zhiyuan, head of the brokerage division of Xinda Securities, also expressed his expectation for the follow-up cooperation, hoping to jointly train more financial talents and realize the joint development of the school and enterprise。After the meeting, Zhou Zhiyuan and tension on behalf of the two sides jointly for Cinda Securities Jinshawan business Department college students internship employment base unveiled。


A book to pass a love, a love to achieve a dream, our school will take the book donation activity as an opportunity to enlighten the mind with cultural power, cultivate the spirit with the book culture, create a good reading atmosphere on campus, and solidly promote the construction of "book Zhanke"。Let the books infiltrate the minds of students, let the campus be full of books, and let the students roam the sea of books and sail away。

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