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2023 Opening ceremony, sailing in the rain
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Autumn rain, dream cham。On the morning of September 15, our school held a grand 2023 opening ceremony in Mazhang and Xinhu campuses。Members of the school leadership team, heads of various functional departments, secondary colleges, all freshmen counselors and class teachers attended the opening ceremony to witness the freshmen's youthful ideals and start a new journey of life in the school。The ceremony was presided over by Party Secretary Liang Zhaohui。

2023 Opening ceremony

In the solemn national anthem, the five-star red flag rose slowly, and the opening ceremony kicked off。

Solemn flag-raising ceremony

Principal Peng Shouqing put forward an earnest request to the new students with "five virtues"

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the whole school, President Peng Shouqing congratulated the new students on starting a new journey in life, and encouraged the new students to grasp the golden period of learning in the university, not only forging the ability to settle down, but also pursuing the interests of life。

Principal Peng Shouqing put forward an earnest request to the new students with "five virtues"。

一是I hope the students have a life ideal。People have no ambition, to have aspirations, mind the home country, responsible for themselves, responsible for the family, responsible for the society and the country, to be the strivers of the new era, so that the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the struggle of youth dream come true。二是I hope the students will take practical actions。In the world, trapped in thinking and broken in action。This year, Li Haobin, a student from the School of Foreign Languages, was admitted to the graduate school of Peking University. I hope the students are as firm in their goals as he is, down-to-earth, less about the reasons for not working, and stick to the practical work step by step. I believe there will be more and more students like Li Haobin emerging!三是I hope the students have tough perseverance。Perseverance is reflected in persistence, reflected in perseverance!Students may face academic difficulties in the future, the life of the temper, to train a strong heart, with perseverance to face difficulties, challenge!四是I hope the students have a rich interest。University life is rich and colorful, the university has a stage, I hope the students to various societies, various practice on the stage, cultivate elegant taste, cultivate personality and conduct, do an interesting person。五是I hope the students have a strong body。I hope that every student can practice a sports skill in college, which is the foundation of our happy life。Do not nest in bed, do not lie on the bed, do not stay in the dormitory, to go to the playground, exercise a strong body。

Deng Bowen, dean of the School of Foreign Languages, encouraged the new students

Deng Bowen, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, spoke as the teacher representative of Xinhu Campus。She says,There is no safe zone to avoid studying in college,There's no "reset button.",To claim the brightest star in the sky,Only dedicated to learn the extreme!Heroes don't ask where they come from,In Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology,The vast space of time contains infinite possibilities,I hope the students can shoulder the responsibility and responsibility to themselves, to their parents and to The Times,At the hopeful age of eighteen,A roc rises every day with the wind,Soar to 90,000 miles!

Zhang Yandi, the teacher of Intelligent Manufacturing College, sent a deep message to the new students

Zhang Yandi, teacher of Intelligent Manufacturing College of Mazhang Campus, encouraged the new students to settle down, focus on the present and look to the future;Set your mind, aim, and do your best;Let go of the past and start a new life with a new look。Pay enough efforts, the school must be your sailing harbor!

On behalf of 2020 electronic Information engineering major Li Ziyi and 2020 School of Fine Arts and Design Deng Pengwei, students shared their university insights, and sent messages to the younger students to break through, realize their dreams with action, and harvest growth, friendship and the future in the school。

Yang Yingshan, Grade 2023 of the College of Culture and Media, and Ye Bixuan, grade 2023 of the College of Architectural Engineering, called on all freshmen to take the initiative to shoulder the responsibilities and responsibilities entrusted by The Times, and to ride the wind and waves on the stage of Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology to write their own infinite possibilities。

In the passionate singing, the opening ceremony was a complete success, and the 2023 freshmen officially started a new journey in the university。

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