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Protestant staff induction training, the principal's message: do the school education cause of high-quality development of the new force
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In order to help new teachers grow up, help new teachers master new teaching methods and skills faster, and understand the specific requirements of the school charter and teaching, scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship, at the beginning of the new semester, the school organized a two-day induction training for new teachers and held a training class opening ceremony。On the same day, school principal Peng Shouqing, vice principal Qi Jizhong, and Director of Mazhang Campus Management Committee Tan Shuming attended the opening ceremony to witness the new teachers opening a new voyage in life。

The opening ceremony

Principal Peng Shouqing made an important speech at the opening ceremony and put forward high hopes for the new teachers:一是I hope teachers cherish their first career choice。The experience, mentality and sense of achievement of the first work have a great impact on the career of life. I hope teachers cherish the glory of "people's teachers" and grow up maturely in the baptism of years。二是It is hoped that teachers can scientifically plan their career, cultivate their core competitiveness, share the fate with The Times, breathe with the school, walk side by side with colleagues, and find their own place in the educational cause of the school。三是Get away from the negative energy of the workplace and walk with good company。We should grasp the course of life, choose excellent colleagues around us as examples, and spend our career in complaints, complaints, and dissatisfaction。四是Be familiar with the system and culture of the school, understand the requirements of the school for teachers, and hand in the first answer sheet of your career。五是Fully integrate into the overall development of the school, to achieve their own colorful life。It is necessary to be an active participant in school activities and a promoter of school scientific research, and actively integrate into the overall situation of school development in building an innovative and entrepreneurial university。Principal Peng Shouqing encouraged the new teachers to be determined to establish a good teacher, to be a "big Mr." who can shape students' character, conduct and taste, guide students to study and ask, and become a new force for the high-quality development of school education!

Principal Peng Shouqing put forward high hopes for the new teachers at the opening ceremony

Liang Zhaohui, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, gave lectures to the new teachers under the title of "Cultivating noble teacher ethics and being a good teacher in the new era"。He stresses,Teachers should fully understand the importance of strengthening the construction of teachers' ethics,深入学习贯彻习近平总书记关于教育和师德师风建设的重要论述,深刻领会习近平总书记关于“四有”好老师、“四个引路人”“四个相统一”“经师”和“人师”相统一的“大先生”等重要指示要求,Actively practicing teachers' ethics in the new era,Know the rules and keep the bottom line,To the advanced typical teacher ethics,Hone your professional skills,Cultivate noble teacher's ethics,Better assume the responsibility of guiding and guiding the healthy growth of students,Work hard to train more and better new people to take on the great task of national rejuvenation!

Liang Zhaohui, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, gave a special course on teacher ethics to the new teachers

With the title of "Faculty Growth and Development", Vice President Qi Jizhong introduced the current new knowledge and learning concepts to the new faculty members, analyzed the teaching laws of higher education, put forward the basic requirements for teachers' teaching, and guided teachers to think deeply about teaching reform and future career planning。

Vice President Qi Jizhong introduced the new knowledge concept and learning concept to the new staff

The training also invited the relevant functional departments of the school and the leaders of the secondary college to teach。Chen Miaona, Director of the Personnel Department, Wen Zhiyuan, Director of the Finance Department, Han Bing, Dean of the School of Accounting, Liu Xiaoli, dean of the School of Management, Xie Qiulan, Dean of the School of Architectural Engineering, Fan Mengmeng, Dean of the School of Music and Dance,Personnel management, financial system, scientific research, discipline competition organization, etc,Comprehensive training and introduction for new members。

At the opening ceremony, the class took a collective oath to be loyal to the party's educational cause

During the two days of training, the new teachers have a deeper understanding of the teaching profession, teaching skills, and teachers' own development。They all said that the training content is comprehensive, practical and sentimental, so that they feel the noble mission of education work and great responsibility。In the future career of the platform will strive to use truth, true words, true actions to educate students, with true feelings, sincerity, sincere influence students, as soon as possible to become "four good teachers" and students "guide", contribute to the development of school education!

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